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IBU-C Oil -                  IBU-C Roll On -

Tackle stubborn Bacterial infections with the Trusted Macrolide

Overcome the Emergency with the Trusted Systemic Corticosteroid

Win over Spasmodic Painful Conditions

Strike Out Cough and Get Instant Relief

Tackle Fractured Mobility in Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis

Live a Pain Free Life with IBU-C Oil

When in PAIN, Believe in IBU-C

Get Excellent Relaxation in Muscular Aches & Spasm with Safe, Effective, Non Sedating & Trusted Muscle Relaxant

Tackle Acid Attacks in Everyday Life and Get Rid of the Acid Burn

Dependable & Effective Antimalarial

Get relief from Hyperacidity and its Symptoms

Win over the Acid Burn with the Trusted Urinary Alkalinizer

Dissolve Gall Stones, Ensure Healthy Digestion

Manage the deficiency and speed up the tissue building process

Whites are not always good

Nourish Red Blood Cells

BCZ-Gold Junior Syrup The Most Reliable & Trustworthy Guardian

Control early as well as late phase of all Allergic Rhinitis & Asthma.

Normalize the Gut Flora

The Performance Unchanged, Even When the Seasons Change

The Performance Unchanged, Even When the Seasons Change

Win the battle of Oedema, Hematoma & Pus associated with Painful Inflammatory Conditions

A Super Roll On Therapy to Deal with Pain, Inflammation & Immobility

Excellent Unique Pink Innovation to treat Postmenopausal Syndrome & Osteoporosis

Fight against Bone Loss

The Most Effective Hepatoprotector & Liver Detoxifier

Let the Liver Tune In to a Healthy Station Naturally

Fix the Fungal Raid with the Broad Spectrum Antifungal

Synergistic Power to fight against Polymicrobial Infections

Meet All Essential Amino Acid needs in Diabetics

A Balanced Protein Rich and Delicious Formula for Mother & Child

Ensure Rich Health with Protein Treasure Fortified with Essentials of Protein, Vitamins, Iron & Zinc

Prevents the wheezing and shortness of breath caused by allergic rhinitis & asthma Decreases & ensures relief from asthma attack and symptoms of allergic rhiniti

Severe Asthma Rheumatic Disorders

It is superior haematinic. Combination to boost up Haemoglobin level

Cardiovascular Disease Diabetes & Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Allergic Rhinitis (Seasonal & Perennial) Allergic skin conditions

Lactose Intolerance Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Reduces Hepatotoxic Damage Normalizes levels of SGOT, SGPT and Bilirubin

Penetrates key sites of infection Superior to Fluconazole & Ketoconazole

Acute Otitis Media Gonococcal Infection