Welcome To Winston

The legacy of Winston Pharmaceuticals Ltd can be traced back from the year 1996 when it was established.

As a Pharmaceutical Company in India, Winston Pharmaceuticals Ltd has achieved excellent prescription base in the market with Senior Consultants/ Physicians/ Orthopaedicians/ Gynaecologists/ Pediatricians prescribing its range of products. The product range consists of Orthopedic, Neuro, Gastro, Gynae, Pedia and General Medicines.

Winston Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a leading Pharmaceutical Company in India that enjoys a portfolio of more than 50 pharmaceutical brands which is increasing day by day. The year 2017 was again a big leap in the history of the company when Winston Pharmaceuticals Ltd had collaborated with RV Healthcare, Singapore.

Currently, we are operating in Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Madhya Pradesh and we are aiming for Pan-India presence in very short span of time.

At Winston Pharmaceuticals Ltd, we take pride in developing, manufacturing our products at Atra Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Aurangabad, which is an RV Group company with WHO-GMP and PIC/S approved manufacturing unit. Because of the importance of our work and the lives we have the potential to affect, we aim to conduct business ethically in all that we do. Our values remind us of the right way to do business, and we believe that our ethical choices propel the success of our Pharmaceutical Company.

As a leading Pharmaceutical Company in India, we know that our Code of conduct applies to all Winston Pharmaceuticals Ltd employees at all levels, wherever we work. This includes employees, officers, and directors. Winston Pharmaceuticals Ltd also expects that our suppliers, agents, business partners, consultants, and licensees will follow similar principles.

Our Code of conduct sets the framework for compliance at Winston Pharmaceuticals Ltd and makes a statement about the kind of Company we are. Our customers, business partners, and the end-users of our products can feel confident knowing we follow the highest standards of ethical behavior. By clearly laying out our values and expectations, this Code allows both within and outside our Pharmaceutical Company to understand how we intend to succeed.


“To be An Innovation Driven, Globally Acknowledged Healthcare Company”


“Together We can, Together We will help in curing ailing humanity.”